Promotional Printed Memory Sticks – 10% Off For June

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Aarons Promotions special offer for June 2013 is 10% off all of our promotional memory sticks.  Just quote PMS010 and we will apply 10% discount to the unit price of the memory sticks.

Remember there are loads to choose from and they come in many different memory sizes but we recommend at least 1GB but better to go for 2GB, 4GB, 8GB or even bigger!!

Just go to our website and click on ‘Memory Sticks’ on the side menu to view the range.

Come on people get in touch.  Call on 01530 813765 or email

Embroidered Polos, Sweaters, Fleeces and Jackets

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Embroidered Business ShirtsFor all of January we are offering a great price on all embroidered clothing.

We are offering 15% off the unit price and if you have previously had clothing embroidered elsewhere simply send us your electronic copy of the embroidery swatch to save repeat set up costs.

This great offer covers all our clothing range, but hurry the offer ends Thursday 31st January.

The great deal is on:

Don’t miss out get in touch today on 0800 9702305 or email

Promotional Gifts – January Special Offers

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Don’t miss out on our two great offers we have running throughout January.

When ordering any corporate clothing printed or embroidered, from polos and sweaters to jackets and high viz clothing.  Simply quoting EC015 on the phone or in an email and we will knock of 15% off the unit price.  Plus if you have previously had embroidered clothing send us the embroidery disk and save on set up.

And when ordering promotional pens from the Senator range including Super Hit, Challenger, Hit, Dart and Sunny plus many more, just quote SP010 and we will take 10% of the unit price of the pens. Plus we are offering half price artwork. So if you can’t provide EPS format artwork we can re draw your artwork for £12.50 instead of £25.

Two great deals to start the year off. Don’t delay get in touch and on 01530 813765 or email

We look forward to providing you with high quality promotional gifts.

Promotional Pens – A great way to promote your business in 2013

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We all know how useful the humble pen is.  So why not get some printed up with your company logo?? Is it because you are fed up with receiving rubbish promotional pens in the post that run out after one or two uses!  Well I can assure you that if you select one of our promotional pens that will not be the fate of your promotional giveaway.

We simply love promotional pens here at Aarons Promotions and our favourite range has to be Senator.  So as the new year is underway and we feel in a good mood for the all Senator pens ordered in January 2013 we are knocking 10% off the unit price.

So to get a quote or if you want a sample of any of the Senator range or any of our other range of pens please email

Come on get in touch and get your logo on a great pen.

One extra touch, if you don’t have EPS artwork we will offer the artwork normally £25 at half price, saving you a further £12.50.

We look forward to hearing from you!!

Embroidered Clothing New Year Special Offer

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A New Year special offer.  For all embroidered clothing ordered before the end of January 2013 we will give you 15% off.

Take a look on our website for the range of embroidered clothing available.

Its a great offer don’t miss out!! Get in touch and get your corporate clothing ordered.  If you have previously had clothing embroidered just email us a copy of the disk that why you save more money.

Offer only valid when you quote EC015

Promotional Mugs, Items That Jog Your Memory

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I was chatting to an old friend the other day.  They were explaining that they were in a meeting with a very good prospective customer and they were convinced they had seen them before.

The gentleman asked them if they wanted a cup of coffee, to which he replied ‘Yes’.  They left the office and returned a few minutes later with a nice cup of coffee.  The coffee was in a promotional mug, but not just any promotional mug, a mug that was given out by my friends company at a trade show nearly 18 months prior to their meeting.

promotional mugsAs soon as my friend clapped eyes on the mug, they commented on it and the gentleman said ‘yeah I visited your stand, you gave me a mug and it wasn’t until the other week when I gave another visitor a cup of coffee that I realised we needed you guys!’.

My friend then went on to add, ‘I remember you, you were on the stand with a friend and you commented you weren’t happy with your current provider and were looking to move’.

Needless to say the meeting went well and a few days later my friend got the phone call, followed by the email, to confirm they had indeed won the business.

For any advice on helping select the right promotional gifts for your business needs please give us a call free on 0800 630 0086.

Promotional Gifts Kingdom Website Being Updated

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Just a quick post to let you know that the website content is currently being updated. Some products have been discontinued and will be removed with new and exciting products taking their place!!
There is some change to pricing, but as always we will continue to offer very competitive pricing and the best possible service.

Promotional Gifts For A Nottingham Car Garage

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Engraved Keyrings

Engraved Keyrings

A few years ago an independent specialist local car repairs and service garage was interested in promotional gifts and had one or two ideas on the products he wanted to look at.  On the phone he mentioned tax disk holders and printed keyrings.  His idea was to put the keyring on the set of keys so when the person drove off from the garage they had his company name and contact details readily available for the next service or next repair.  Not a bad idea at all!  With the tax disk holder he wanted to change the existing one to his, a bit dodgy I thought.  I told him I could come out to his business and show him some samples and discuss the best options.

When I went out to speak to him we chatted about what he was wanting to achieve with the promotional gifts.  He said if he could remind people about his company that would be great.  That is what the keyrings can do.  But when I mentioned what about using promotional gifts to actually generate interest and business for the garage, he said that would be great.

I asked what he currently does to generate business.  As he was a specialist he felt general advertising was a waste of money so he went to the local retail park at the weekend with his kids and put flyers on all the kind of cars that he works on.  What a great idea I said, but how about doing that but with a promotional gift and a flyer.  Why not put printed ice scrapers with a flyer, stating if you bring your car for a service and show the ice scraper you get 10% off labour.

So rather than just using promotional gifts to reinforce your message and your business, you can use them to actually promote your business and get you work that you probably wouldn’t have got without them.

Promotional Gifts – Introduction To Blog

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This blog is all about giving you ideas on how to use promotional gifts effectively.  But the selection process for choosing promotional gifts depends on the intended use of them.  If you are wanting to make a massive scene at an exhibition you will select a different promotional gift than if you wanted a thank you gift for your very best customers.

This is were we can help.  We listen to your intended use and then we help you select the right items for your promotional event.  If you have already done your homework and know exactly what item you require that’s great, we are happy to provide quotations and samples if needed.

Promotional gifts come in a massive range of options from bags, mouse mats and pens to rubix cubes, mp3 players and branded condoms (yes you read that correctly, condoms!).  If you give out useful products such as pens, mugs, ice scrapers and notepads they will be used regularly and remembered.  If you give out the products in a imaginative way, it will massively increase their impact.  It is common for a useful promotional item such as a mug, mouse mat or coaster to be in the possession of the owner for years rather than weeks or months.I will be giving you loads of examples on how our customers have given promotional gifts out to customers and prospective customers as well as giving you some new ideas.

So please keep you eyes on this blog for case studies and ideas on how you can use all kinds of promotional items to improve how your business is viewed by potential customers and therefore increase the likely hood of them ordering from you.