Promotional Gifts For A Nottingham Car Garage

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Engraved Keyrings

Engraved Keyrings

A few years ago an independent specialist local car repairs and service garage was interested in promotional gifts and had one or two ideas on the products he wanted to look at.  On the phone he mentioned tax disk holders and printed keyrings.  His idea was to put the keyring on the set of keys so when the person drove off from the garage they had his company name and contact details readily available for the next service or next repair.  Not a bad idea at all!  With the tax disk holder he wanted to change the existing one to his, a bit dodgy I thought.  I told him I could come out to his business and show him some samples and discuss the best options.

When I went out to speak to him we chatted about what he was wanting to achieve with the promotional gifts.  He said if he could remind people about his company that would be great.  That is what the keyrings can do.  But when I mentioned what about using promotional gifts to actually generate interest and business for the garage, he said that would be great.

I asked what he currently does to generate business.  As he was a specialist he felt general advertising was a waste of money so he went to the local retail park at the weekend with his kids and put flyers on all the kind of cars that he works on.  What a great idea I said, but how about doing that but with a promotional gift and a flyer.  Why not put printed ice scrapers with a flyer, stating if you bring your car for a service and show the ice scraper you get 10% off labour.

So rather than just using promotional gifts to reinforce your message and your business, you can use them to actually promote your business and get you work that you probably wouldn’t have got without them.

2 Responses to Promotional Gifts For A Nottingham Car Garage

  1. Indeed promotional gifts are a great way to help advertise a business with minimum cost. That’s why most companies are doing the same thing as competition has become fierce these days. It was great that you were able to talk the person and convince him to use promotional products. Kudos!

  2. This would be perfect for our upcoming project. Hope you can publish more articles like this. Definitely helpful not only for us, but also for other readers as well. Thanks for sharing.

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