Promotional Mugs, Items That Jog Your Memory

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I was chatting to an old friend the other day.  They were explaining that they were in a meeting with a very good prospective customer and they were convinced they had seen them before.

The gentleman asked them if they wanted a cup of coffee, to which he replied ‘Yes’.  They left the office and returned a few minutes later with a nice cup of coffee.  The coffee was in a promotional mug, but not just any promotional mug, a mug that was given out by my friends company at a trade show nearly 18 months prior to their meeting.

promotional mugsAs soon as my friend clapped eyes on the mug, they commented on it and the gentleman said ‘yeah I visited your stand, you gave me a mug and it wasn’t until the other week when I gave another visitor a cup of coffee that I realised we needed you guys!’.

My friend then went on to add, ‘I remember you, you were on the stand with a friend and you commented you weren’t happy with your current provider and were looking to move’.

Needless to say the meeting went well and a few days later my friend got the phone call, followed by the email, to confirm they had indeed won the business.

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