Promotional Pens – A great way to promote your business in 2013

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We all know how useful the humble pen is.  So why not get some printed up with your company logo?? Is it because you are fed up with receiving rubbish promotional pens in the post that run out after one or two uses!  Well I can assure you that if you select one of our promotional pens that will not be the fate of your promotional giveaway.

We simply love promotional pens here at Aarons Promotions and our favourite range has to be Senator.  So as the new year is underway and we feel in a good mood for the all Senator pens ordered in January 2013 we are knocking 10% off the unit price.

So to get a quote or if you want a sample of any of the Senator range or any of our other range of pens please email

Come on get in touch and get your logo on a great pen.

One extra touch, if you don’t have EPS artwork we will offer the artwork normally £25 at half price, saving you a further £12.50.

We look forward to hearing from you!!

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